1. "Last Light"

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  2. Mists of Minnekhada

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  3. Anonymous asked: where do you live? its so gorgeous you're really inspiring

    I’m near Vancouver, Canada.  Thanks! :)


  4. Anonymous asked: What is your most favorite kind of chocolate?

    I have a special spot in my heart for dark chocolate.  Also, dark chocolate with almonds.  Also, dark chocolate coated ginger.  Also, milk chocolate or dark chocolate, with peanut butter.  Also white chocolate.  Also, any kind of chocolate with any kind of nuts.  Also, any kind of chocolate covered berries.  Also, any kind of chocolate with basically anything.

  5. Into the Unknown

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  6. Always in love with Alouette. Time after time, year after year.

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  7. "Be Still", a self-portrait from a couple weeks ago.

    My dearest Tumblr followers, I have some super exciting news along with a huge favour to ask!  My #1 lifelong dream is about to become a reality this May:  I am going to ICELAND!!!  This has been my very biggest dream for years - to use the beautiful Icelandic landscapes for the purpose of creating a whole new series of inspiring images (in much the same style as my photo above), and telling stories through my work.  I’ll be going with two other amazing photographers - Rob Woodcox and Whitney Justesen.  Our plan is to spend two weeks there, working hard as a team to each create an entirely new body of personal work to share with the world.  The work we will create is going to be raw: it is going to connect with people on new levels.  Our hope is that we can inspire other artists who wish to tell their own stories, and that we can be an example that artists can truly thrive and create anything they can dream.  The ability to travel and create exists in each of us, however, it takes determination and believing in oneself to climb to these new and unforeseen heights. 

    Now this is where I do my best to humbly ask for your help…  No matter what happens, we will be able to get to Iceland, BUT, the amount we’ll be able to do and create is dependent on the funds we’re able to raise.  Receiving funding for this expedition will allow us to reach as many unique and secluded locations as possible, as well as enabling us to purchase props, wardrobe, and additional resources that will help to bring our images to the next level.  We’ve launched a page on Kickstarter.com with the goal of raising $5,000. You can find out more information and help us by donating here:

    http://kck.st/1gE65H5 (we also have some cool prizes for whoever donates!) 

    We can reach our destination alone, but we can only accomplish our goal with your support. If you could please consider donating a little or a lot to help us reach our goal, my appreciation would be limitless.  Even just sharing or reblogging this post would truly help!  Seriously, your support means the world to us.  THANK YOU!!! <3


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  8. "Kingdom of Isolation"

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  9. Anonymous asked: Just putting it out there, i think you would make an amazing cinematographer if you ever decided to get into that side of it

    Why thank you!  I’ve actually wanted to get into cinematography for a long time, and I’ve started developing some ideas for video projects.  We’ll see if I get anywhere with these thoughts. :)

  10. burtoo:

    Made a GIF for my art class. 

    Oh look my face is warping.  Cool.